SHB Backs British Meat

SHB Backs British Meat

The country is ablaze with scandal after scandal of the meat industry. It is no doubt a time where all eyes are on the British meat industry. However the meat with the problems is NOT British.

In light of the recent lapses and failures in the Halal meat market the Sharia Halal Board today announced that they would be supporting and fighting for “British produced meat for Britons.”

Allama Qazi Abdul Aziz Chishti, spokesperson explained

“Sharia Halal Board believes completely in traceability with transparency. This can only truly be achieved by buying from and the monitoring of British Halal suppliers. We announce today that the Sharia Halal Board fully endorses and supports British produced Halal meat”.

We believe British meat is of an extremely high standard, supreme quality with rigorous hygiene standards. This level cannot be achieved or received anywhere else but the United Kingdom. Our farmers take immense pride in their work and have unrivalled experience and knowledge in the field of animal welfare, animal production and food safety.

Additionally many of our abattoirs and suppliers in United Kingdom are part of the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme which again ensures the highest standards of welfare, farming, quality and hygiene.

The Sharia Halal Board strongly recommends that all butchers, those in the food service chain and suppliers in the United Kingdom stop buying products from outside of the United Kingdom and only source locally. This will ensure that you are providing product that has pedigree, quality and traceability that your customers can trust.

Allama Qazi stated, “This is even more important with regards to Halal Meat. This is the only meat that must and can truly be fully monitored and traced back to its origin. Therefore all Halal meat suppliers should only buy British Halal meat”.

The Sharia Halal Board is proud to announce that you will be able to buy Sharia Halal Board monitored meat from the start of April 2013, it will be available throughout U.K by the end of 2013.

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