Launch Of Sharia Halal Board

Launch Of Sharia Halal Board

The official launch of Sharia Halal Board took place earlier this week. Senior Scholars from around the United Kingdom as well as key mosque members and community figures attended in large numbers.

The Sharia Halal Board gave a detailed seminar of the current practices and issues faced in the Halal Meat sector. The key problems of ill practices, lack of care and cross contamination were highlighted.

The Sharia Halal Board ‘Scholars Panel’ were introduced and the company’s aims and objectives highlighted. Methods of how it will operate were discussed and outlined.

In his closing remarks, Syed Zahid Rizvi, leading scholar thanked the management of the Sharia Halal Board for taking such a important step in working towards eliminating the issues we face as Muslims and to be able to make a certification and monitoring authority that Muslims are actually proud of.

He also thanked the management for organising such a important and informative event for the business and public sector. He once again reassured his and the whole panel’s commitment of assisting wherever possible in moving this mission forward.