The Sharia Halal Board was set up due to the vast number of complaints and queries our scholars received with regards to the many methods of slaughter used by the abattoirs and the lack of care taken in the current climate to ensure products are not contaminated.

It was found that the typical butcher and the Muslim consumer were confused and unsure about who to buy from and what product to buy. Some consumers felt mislead and unsatisfied with the standards of Halal meat available.

After research was conducted and enquiries carried out, it was realised that there were several failings in the process of slaughter and monitoring of Halal meat. The council felt that there was a lack of responsibility within the market and there was room for many errors and contamination.

Non Halal products were filtering through to local butchers, known or unbeknown to them. Non Halal meat was also found to be sold in Halal shops.

It was also found that the average Muslims have little or no idea what is accepted as Halal and if any and what new post 20th century methods are permissible within their religion. Very few were aware that the meat they’re purchasing might be Non Halal or not up to the correct standard of Halal.

Due to these very reasons and to provide a complete support system, which involves comprehensive monitoring of the current methods of slaughter accepted in Islam the Sharia Halal Board has been established.